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POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT The Department of Economics at the National Cheng Kung University In..
NCKU Notice of Course Enrollment In accordance with the NCKU calendar for the 2017-18 academic yea..
National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan One faculty position opening Any field, Macroeconomics f..
105 General Education Reformations
NATIONAL CHENG KUNG UNIVERSITY, Tainan, Taiwan One faculty position opening Any Field Applicants ..
NATIONAL CHENG KUNG UNIVERSITY, Tainan, Taiwan   One Non-tenure T..
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Department of Economics, NCKU Launched 2001 year, the Department of Economics offers the first undergraduate program from the School of Social Sciences. The University is widely acknowledged as one of the best in Taiwan, and the Department is committed to achieving the equal status in its profession within next few years. The M.A. program has established in 2006.

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